Ensure that all mandatory rules are respected and secure your environment.

Compliance is a process by which a bank or company ensures that all rules are respected, both in substance and in form.
By providing end customers with the assurance of a secure environment, it contributes to value creation by addressing issues such as anti-money laundering, corruption, fraud, conflicts of interest and market abuse.

Know Your Customer

Automation of the verification and qualification process of your customers: identity, compliance, registration on external databases.

Customer Due Diligence

More detailed verification of the level of risk relating to an individual or a company, particularly in terms of financial crime.

Enhanced Due Diligence

Complete and detailed verification of the environment of a natural or legal person.

Business intelligence audit

Audit of your internal and external environment in order to identify possible vulnerabilities to be compensated.


A client is considering investing in a gold mine in Colombia. Constrained by very tight deadlines, we carry out a complete due diligence of the environment of the natural and legal persons involved. Our conclusions lead to the abandonment of the investment project, taking into account the elements discovered.

As part of a project to acquire several companies in Colombia, we are carrying out a Due Diligence with monitoring of social networks. This work allows us to provide our client with detailed decision-making elements that lead to the conclusion of the transaction.

At the request of our client’s Parisian management, we carry out a three-week supply chain audit of the group’s activities in Mexico. This allows us to come up with recommendations for improvements and an action plan for their implementation.